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4th Dec 2022

Xtraordination: William Steel- A&E celebrity/ reformed cat burglar

Xtraordination - Season 1 Episode 4 William Steel

William Steel is now a successful true crime author who has dedicated his life to helping those in need. Although he has had several minor brushes with the law in his youth, those incidents don’t define William. Instead, they inspire him to fight and advocate for justice for everyone.

William Steel understands that true crime stories are not just storiesthey are tragedies by which many people are affected. During and after his incarceration and through his faith and his work, he remains a passionate advocate for the victims of violent crimes and a strong supporter of reforming the American criminal justice system.

William is working in the public relations industry as well as writing additional books about his life and some of the notorious characters that he has met along the way.

Additionally, William is starring in the docuseries / reality television show "Inmate To Roommate" on A&E!

The show focuses on his life post-incarceration. The series premiered in August of 2022 and instantly became a hit, soaring in the ratings!

Stay tuned for more!

William is available for interviews, he is very receptive to engaging in discourse about many subjects, and, as he has demonstrated countless times throughout the years, he is willing to go above and beyond to assist anyone regarding criminal justice reform and to offer support.

For interview requests, or, to be a guest on the William Steel True Crime Podcast,

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Example Wrongful Conviction Advocacy Case: In Progress 

Currently, William is immersed in assisting to overturn the wrongful conviction case against David Michael Reinhardt, an innocent crime victim in California who was retaliated against for seeking help from the FBI.

On September 9th, 2003, At the behest of his adoptive parents and in coordination with Mr. C and Mr. B, all of whom were stealing David’s inheritance of over $400M USD left to him by his late Grandfather,

Mr. Fay T. Maxwell, David Michael Reinhardt was targeted for murder and brutally assaulted with 11 hours of gunfire while standing unarmed in his childhood home. This egregiously violent crime was coordinated with sanctioning and assistance by corrupt public officials and enacted by corrupt law enforcement officers bribed by organized crime members in California to deploy those whose professional purpose is, “To Protect and to Serve”.

David has been wrongfully and illegally in prison for over 18 years.

Become involved with the case by visiting FreeDaveReinhardt.com

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