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10th May 2023

Xtraordination: Convicted Boston Gangster/Author Anthony Bucci

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Anthony Bucci, convict/wiseguy, inmate number 21416-038, was a captive of the federal bureau of prisons while serving a 21 year bit. At the onset of his sentence Anthony was bitter and trouble was no stranger to him. He spent a lot of time in solitary confinement. It was in solitary confinement, in his darkest hour, that Anthony had a spiritual awakening and started writing his masterpiece Infinity Crew. Infinity Crew means the world to Anthony. It should, it saved his life. Upon his release from solitary Anthony completely changed from the street thug he had once been. Compassion became his motivation and strength. Anthony enrolled in and completed over fifty educational courses, volunteered and took care of sick and terminally ill inmates, trained service dogs for the handicapped, and was the first inmate in the country to be granted a parental compassionate release to care for his handicapped mother. Since his release in October 2019 Anthony is living a compassionate, animal cruelty free, sustainable lifestyle in Boston, Massachusetts. He cares for his mother and is rebuilding relationships with his children and loved ones. Anthony has launched The Convicted Vegan Wear apparel line. He is led by his dreams and is on a mission to show the world that anything is in the realm of possibility if you work hard and live your life by the law of good karma. Anthony was at rock bottom and has faced his demons. He makes it a point to be available to talk to anyone down and out. Anthony lives by the belief without you there is no me. Anthony is staying convicted to being someone nobody thought he could ever be. He is living the story he has always wanted to tell, and would be honored if you would be his audience for years to come.

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